My First Film

This movie is about surfing.

My first movie is about a roadtrip taken by two first-timers and two regular surfers to catch some summer waves in the cold, shark-infested waters of Bolinas, CA.

Enjoy and leave a comment on what you thought about this film! Just getting started so any pointers would be appreciated :)

The start of filmmaking

I recently started to develop a love for filmmaking.

It started as a joke on snapchat, where I would make daily short episodes of stories (I'm on episode 13) to tell stories. There were all kinds of stories at first: One about accents, one about traveling around the world, one about weird things you see on the windowsill. 


But the thing was... they all disappeared after one day. And as much as I liked making them, seeing them go was kind of sad sometimes. People started to notice and whenever I didn't make any, they'd ask me about when the episode would come. It was kind of rewarding to hear that they loved them and wanted more. 

I was thinking about social reach on snapchat and invariably so, it's quite hard to enlarge your reach if you're not a celebrity. Though everyone loved my stories, there were only 50 or so that could watch them every day. So this is a very roundabout way to say that I've started to make and upload stories and movies on YouTube! It'll be a more permanent home and repository for those stories. 

Smart Dumb Things

A movie I made in the summer of 2015 with Argodesign.

What would living with a ubiquitous computing system really be like? We asked ourselves... In a world where devices need constant attention, we become babysitters to those very devices which were conceived to bring us convenience. What would happen if the computer disappeared and became ambient instead? How would that change our daily routines? How would it make life better? Here's a concept we developed to address these questions. 

Would you want to live in a world with ambient computing? Let me know your thoughts!